March 2024

How to Not be Awkward During a Photoshoot

We always feel comfortable enough to pull out our phones and take a selfie; but when someone is pointing a camera at you instead – it is not the same feeling. As such, we often get asked how to not be awkward during a photoshoot as people want to look as comfortable and natural as possible for their pictures. Here are our three top tips to deal with awkwardness during photoshoots so you can get the pictures and aesthetic you want!

Practice Makes Perfect – We refer to ‘practice’ and ‘warming up’ a lot when it comes to preparing for a photoshoot and that is because it really does make all the difference. Not only is it recommended to pose for photos at home and in the mirror; but also when you come to our photoshoot studios, we will help you warm up by taking a few test shots and breaking the ice so you feel comfortable and at ease for your photo session. While our photographers can advise you on the best angles to show and poses to aim for, if you have practiced at home beforehand it will be easier for you to snap into ‘photoshoot mode’. We will always persevere to get the images that you want, but to have as much time as possible to get these – you being practiced and warmed up beforehand can only be a helpful thing. So get in front of a mirror, use your camera phone and start to get used to photographs now!

Knowing Your Surroundings – When things are new and alien to you, they can naturally feel awkward as you are not fully used to something. Take the photoshoot space for example which is obviously a different space to where you have been before. Remember when you are here that this is your space and you have the space for your purpose (i.e. your photoshoot) to feel fully comfortable in. So don’t be afraid to ask questions, to chat away in between takes and to comment on how you are feeling about the photographs that have been taken so far. This is your time, your space and ultimately your photos to be happy with! Likewise to avoid awkward family photos, you obviously need to know who the ‘joker’ of the pack is and who may need a little more persuasion to get on board with the photoshoot idea. This brings us nicely onto the next tip!

A bit of Bribery . . . – While this may go against every parenting guide and style there is; in some cases it can come down to having to bribe your child (or even your significant other!) in order to get the pictures you want. Children can quickly lose interest and become distracted during a photography session as they may not want to be there and find it boring. If they are particularly despondent and start to act up or not take it seriously, offering them a treat or prize in exchange for stellar posing can work. Or even the famous ‘just one more’ line can work as they think there is an end in sight. Likewise if one half of a couple is very enthusiastic and excited and the other half is not; it can look very forced and awkward in the resulting photos. Perhaps promising them a trip to their favourite restaurant afterwards will convince them to match your energy . . .

Taking into account the above tips and advice, you should be empowered when you arrive to your photoshoot and ready to make some amazing memories with some amazing photos! You can see our photoshoot packages here!